The Dr. Časl Private Secondary School began operating in September 2003 as a logical continuation of the schooling of students who completed their earlier education at our Kreativan razvoj Primary School. Naturally, the school also accepts and enrols new students who have completed their first 8 years of education at other primary schools in Croatia or abroad.

Since 2014, the secondary school has become a part of the Cambridge Assessment International Education (CAIE) and works as the British International School of Zagreb (BISZ), which is an official Cambridge International School. The curriculum is entirely taught in the English language and follows the British Curriculum of the CAIE. The 1st grade Certificate (Y10) is issued by BISZ and for the remaining three grades the CAIE: for the 2nd grade (Y11) the IGCSE Certificate, for the 3rd Grade (Y12) the AS Level Certificate and for the 4th Grade (Y13) the A Level Certificate. A pass in the ‘A Level Examinations’ results in the completion of one’s secondary school education! Teaching is organised as a whole day, and all curricular and extracurricular activities for students, including learning and sports activities (swimming in an indoor school pool, football, table-tennis, basketball) take place at school from 9:00 to 16:35. Students during the working day have three meals at the school’s own restaurant, and they come to school by public or organised transportation.

Our students often travel the world as a class to get to know other peoples, their culture, history, and customs. These travels are an integral part of their education and upbringing but are not mandatory. For more travel information, see Gallery.