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The founder and the principal of the ‘’Kreativni razvoj’ Primary School is Martin- Tino  Časl.  Dr Časl was born in Zagreb, 1955, where he graduated and was awarded a Master’s Degree at the University of Natural Sciences and Mathematics. He earned his academic degree as a Doctor of Natural Sciences in Chemistry in 1985 by defending his dissertation at the Pharmaceutical and Biochemical University of the University of Zagreb. In 1990, he earned a scientific degree as a science assistant of chemistry, whilst also gaining the degree of a higher science assistant in medical science in 1994.  He finished his post-doctorate specialization in Japan and twice in Great Britain and Sweden. 

Between 1979 and 1992, he worked at the Pharmaceutical and Biochemical University in Zagreb, where he taught biochemistry and preparative biochemistry to students of medical biochemistry. From 1991 until 2005, he taught at the post-graduate studies of Medical biochemistry at the Pharmaceutical and Biochemical University in Zagreb. From January 1993, he worked as a director of research and development at a company of production for diagnostic reagents and biochemical’s.  In 1991, he was the Leading Researcher for a Ministry of Science project dealing in medical science.  30 scientific assistants from Croatia’s leading hospitals participated in the project. Dr Časl has published 20 original scientific papers in international science magazines of the Current Contents category, has participated at international science congresses with 46 lectures and posters, as well as holding 15 lectures on demand.  He was the mentor of doctor’s degrees, 5 Master’s Degrees and numerous graduation papers. In 1996, he became the member of the renowned New York Academy of Science and in 1997 he received a yearly Award for Outstanding Achievement in Medical Science at the world’s biggest science innovation festival, INPEX  XIII in Philadelphia, USA.

In the spring of 1994, he started a project in establishing a Private Primary School, namely ‘Kreativni razvoj’. The school program was created with the support of several prominent professors from the Teacher’s Academy who worked with talented children and alternative educational methods, as well as with the support of teacher enthusiasts. The school began to operate in 1995 in temporary rented facilities. In September 2000, he started building his own school in Šestine. Formal teaching in the new school building began two years later, September 2, 2002, and that was the first school building in the history of Croatia which was built by an individual and not the state, church or local government. In 1999 Dr. Časl established a Private Gymnasium Dr. Časl and the first generation started their education in September 2003, and that was the first generation who completed their elementary education in Kreativan razvoj.