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The core curriculum for our school and school books used are the same as for other public high schools in the Republic of Croatia. English language is mandatory and is taught daily. For these lessons students are pretested and put into groups based on their knowledge and abilities. The choice of the second foreign language is optional and depends on the students’ interests. Therefore, students can either choose to continue their German studies (fifth year of learning) or opt for the beginners’ level of the Italian language. It is also possible for students to study all three foreign languages, depending on the number of students interested (at least five per group).

Since classes approximately contain 14 students, teaching strategies involve less frontal teaching , while more attention is dedicated to the development of individually planned teaching. This approach to the curriculum enables greater fulfillment of every individual student’s potential and needs. It is thus possible for students to improve faster and beyond the prescribed curriculum if they show talent or special interest in a particular area, or activity. This is particularly obvious in the final year of their studies, when students are expected to choose their desired university. In that case, additional classes can be organized.

Taking into account many fold development of every particular student, professors try to ensure the participation of students in scientific, art, sporting and practical activities in collaboration with their parents. The aforementioned approach also asks for specific didactic strategies which allow for optimal individualization of studying. In the development of individual and collaborative educational aims, professors are oriented towards education that provides students with an opportunity to develop their problem solving skills and immerse themselves in studies that involve research, tutoring and involvement in individual and joint projects. Apart from additional classes in the English language (five lessons per week), extra classes in the Croatian language and Math are provided (6 lessons per week).

Within the 5,300 square meters of enclosed space, there are three sports halls and a big indoor pool, not to mention the 20,000 square meters of outdoor sporting fields, which highlight the importance of Physical Education in our curriculum.  Our students regularly participate in sporting events organized by the Croatian School Sports Federation. Most valuable results have been achieved in table tennis:  our both  junior male and female  teams  has held the national champions title for the last six years. Both teams are current European champions in high school table tennis. The male team took out the silver medal in 2010, while the female team won the bronze medal at the World School Table Tennis Championship. In 2012 girls won the silver medal on World Championship.

The school curriculum is developed yearly in joint collaboration between the principle and the professors, while taking into account students and parents’ input, so changes to the program and activities are possible from generation to generation.

Classes are held between 9 a.m. and 4.35 p.m., except on Fridays, when they usually finish at about  1.10 p.m. Three meals, breakfast, lunch and snack, are provided to students at the cafeteria and they are included in the tuition.